BagelsSidebarBagels – Baked Fresh!

Plain, Sesame, Onion, Salt, Seeded Whole Wheat , Everything, Cinnamon Raisin, Asiago, Tomato Herb, blueberry

Single Fresh Bagel – 1.00
6 Fresh Bagels – 4.95
Fresh Baker’s Dozen – 8.95
18 Bagels & 1 lb. Cream Cheese – 18.95

24 Bagels & 2 lb cream cheese – 26.95

All of our bagels are made from scratch, without any added fat. They are also made without artificial ingredients, cholesterol, refined sugars or preservatives. Honey is used as our primary sweetener.

Cream Cheese (To Go)

All our cream cheeses are freshly blended in our kitchen.

Plain – 3.25            Garden Vegetable, Scallion,
Jalapeno, Strawberry , Maple Walnut, – 3.75
Prices are for 8 oz. containers.
Single serving cream cheeses are available in all flavors for $1.37 each.

Bagels Topped with…

Butter, Jelly or Honey -1.50
Peanut Butter & Jelly – 2.37
2 Pieces of Cheese -2.37
Cream Cheese -2.37

Our Bagel toppings can be served with any of our other breads or rolls upon request.

Breakfast Options

Fresh Fruit (When Available) – 3.25
Variety of fresh fruit.

Bagel w/Egg – 3.75
Choice of bagel topped with farm fresh scrambled eggs.

Bagel w/Egg & Cheese – 4.25
Choice of bagel topped with farm fresh scrambled eggs & melted cheese.

Bagel w/Egg & Ham, Sausage or Bacon – 4.95
Choice of bagel topped with farm fresh scrambled eggs & choice of meet.

Bagel w/Everything (Egg, choice of Ham, Sausage or Bacon & cheese) -4.95
Choice of bagel topped with fresh scrambled eggs, grilled  ham, Sausage or Bacon  & melted cheese.

Veggie Omelet – 7.50
Sautéed onions, green pepper, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers and shredded cheese.

Meat & Cheese Omelet (Choice of Ham, Sausage, or Bacon)  – 7.50
Everything Omelet – 7.95
Sautéed onions, green pepper, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, choice of ham, sausage or bacon with shredded cheese.

Broccoli Almond Quiche Served with fresh fruit.- 7.29

Spinach Quiche Served with fresh fruit. – 7.29

Tofu Scramble – 7.95

Organic Tofu, sauteed veggies & our own seasoning blend.

Everything Breakfast Burrito – 7.95

Eggs, potatoes, sausage & cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla with a side of salsa.

Veggie Breakfast Burrito – 7.95

Grilled veggies, seasoned tofu & potatoes wrapped in a flour tortilla with a side of salsa.

Steel Cut Oatmeal – 3.95
Granola – 3.95

House made granola served with fresh fruit & milk or one of our alternative milks.

Everything Oats – 4.95

House made granola, steel cut oats, fresh fruit & cow’s milk or one of our alternative milks.

Signature Items

Italian Beef – 7.29
Shredded beef simmered with onions, peppers and our Italian spice blend, served hot.

Portabella Mushroom Sandwich – 7.29
Sliced portabella mushrooms grilled with choice of cheese and toppings. Add any of our meats for an additional $3.00.

Grilled Veggie Bistro -7.29
Sautéed onions, green and red peppers, zucchini, summer squash, and broccoli, lightly seasoned  and our own basil pesto.

Tuna Melt – 7.29
Our tuna salad grilled with choice of cheese and toppings.

Chicken Caesar Wrap -7.29
Our grilled chicken breast on either a wheat, plain, tomato or spinach tortilla with your choice of veggies, cheese and Caesar dressing.

Caesar Salad – 7.29
Green leaf lettuce tossed with black olives, tomatoes, Asiago cheese, Caesar dressing and croutons.

Garden Salad – 7.29
Green leaf lettuce, green pepper, red onions, tomato, sprouts, black olives, cucumbers, shredded cheese and your choice of dressing.

Add chicken to any salad for $3.00.


All sandwiches may be served on any of our freshly baked bagels or breads with choice of one of the following cheeses: Swiss, Colby, Smoked Gouda or Provolone; and choice of the following toppings and condiments: leaf lettuce, tomato, red onion, green pepper, Spinach, black olives, cucumber, or own homemade garlic dressing, regular, dijon, or honey mustard, Italian dressing, mayo; and garnished with a pickle spear. All sandwiches are also served with a homemade complimentary cookie of the day.

Fresh Veggie Stack – 5.79
Lettuce, tomato, Spinach, green pepper, red onion, cucumbers, black olives and choice of cheese and dressing.

Cheese – 5.79
Choice of four pieces of one or any combination of the following: Swiss, Colby, Smoked Gouda and Provolone.

Egg Salad – 5.79
Created in our kitchen with farm fresh eggs.

Hummus – 6.29
Our own blend of garbanzo beans with tahini, lemon and spices.

Tuna Salad – 6.29
Our own blend of tuna, freshly chopped vegetables, sweet relish, eggs and our special dressing.

Chicken Salad -6.29
Our own blend of chicken, eggs, spices, freshly chopped vegetables and our special dressing.

Deli Meat Sandwiches – 6.29
Your choice of roasted turkey breast, smoked turkey breast, black peppered turkey, ham or roast beef.

Black Bean Burger – $7.29
Comes with a multi-grain roll, avocado , choice of veges and a  side of salsa.  This burger is made at Bagels and More and is Vegan.

Broiled Chicken Breast – 7.29                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Half sandwich and cup of soup or salad – 7.99

Chef’s Favorites

All entrées are served with a homemade complimentary cookie of the day.

Broccoli Almond Quiche -7.29
Fresh, steamed broccoli, sliced almonds, sautéed onions and cheese mixed into our homemade sauce and sprinkled with sliced almonds and baked. Served with fresh fruit.

Lox & Cream Cheese – 7.95
Served with your choice of bagel, cream cheese and veggies and capers.

The Ultimate Chicken Bistro – 7.95
Chicken with sauteed onions, green and red peppers, zucchini, summer squash and broccoli, lightly seasoned and our own basil pesto.

Fresh Baked Breads

Check daily for freshly baked breads in our bakery display case.

Homemade Soups

Choice of freshly made soups of the day. All of our soups are made daily and served with a bagel or a slice of our freshly baked bread.

Cup – 3.99
Bowl – 4.79
Sourdough Bowl – 6.00

Coffee by European Roasteries

Coffee of the Day
Small – 1.80
Medium – 2.10
Large – 2.45

All of our varieties of coffee are available by the pound. We will gladly grind them for you.

Espresso Drinks

Single Double
Mocha Latte 3.25 3.75
Black Forest 3.25 3.75
Café Snicker 3.25 3.75
Mint Mocha Royale 3.25 3.75
Iced Cappuccino 2.95 3.25
Cappuccino 2.95 3.25
Latte 2.95 3.25
Americano 2.10 2.50
Espresso 2.10 2.50

Other Beverages

Single Double
Hot Chocolate 1.75 2.25
Tea Steamer 1.75 2.25
Steamer 1.75 2.25
Milk 1.25 1.50
Hot Tea 1.50
Chai Tea 3.25 3.75
Reed’s Ginger Brew 2.25
Juices 1.5
Root Beer 2.25
Cream Soda 2.25
All Other Sodas 1.50
Bottled Water 1.50